The Power Of Prayers

The power of prayers transcends all other cosmic energies. It is a hotline to God since praying is a direct approach to the creative force, which melts seamlessly into the universal power of love. Prayer goes to the primordial source of all energy. Asking for material goodies like money, name, fame and success is not praying. That’s begging selfishly for one’s self. Praying is thanking God for every little thing he has given you.

To request blessings and peace for others is part of the force of love. To ask those people who hurt you to be blessed is a breakdown of barriers which separates one from another and the final cutting-off of bad karmic relationships. To pray for others is to recapture the oneness of all egos, the oneness with God and the wholeness of the creative force. Even healing others with our thoughts is a creative force in action and therefore, a form of prayer.

We can improve our own lives by praying for others to be healthy, happy and at peace and visualising total harmony with others. If you want vibrant good health for yourself, try to heal others with silent prayers directed at them, by being with them, cheering them and healing them with humour and music. One can receive healing-powers slowly and gradually by always loving others and wishing them well with only positive thoughts. All those who most unselfishly wish for the ability to heal others are able to feel this power entering them, accompanied by radiating heat. Prayers are never meant for amassing wealth and fame but for discovering the inner peace that comes through serving others.

To be kind, thoughtful and loving to others is one form of prayer. To share our talents with others without making monetary gains is another form of prayer. Projecting your mental energies to heal others is yet another. Prayers are not merely reciting words, performing rituals etc. and then going back to your bad old ways of hurting others. Rather, prayer is an active attempt to be in touch with divinity every minute of the day while eating, drinking, walking, reading, writing, talking and other normal activities.

Selfishly keep aside some time twice a day, when you wake-up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night for concentrated prayers, putting aside all base thoughts pertaining to the physical world so that you approach your creator with a clean mind. Seek to be included in God’s boundless whole. Ask for blessings to be worthy of his grace and be helpful to others. Thank God for his blessings and grace as if you took it for granted that they would be bestowed because this denotes faith. Feel God’s presence and then be sure that whatever you ask is for the best possible purpose for others and not a selfish whim for yourself. Ask that God’s will (not yours) will be done. In this higher state of consciousness, we become pure spirits (atma-swaroop) without the thought of self or ego (I, me, myself). In that sublime state, we connect with the divine. We get attuned to divinity.

The advantages of prayers are many and you automatically receive energies of health, wealth, peace, joy and happiness without asking for them. You become more creative and much more focused. You can express your energies without boundaries through your music, dance, writing or whatever since you tap into the spiritually magnetic field of radiating energies and can live life to the highest point of your potential.

In today’s stressful rush-rush, go-go, world, people have no time for long Avestan prayers though ironically, they have time for everything else. For them, there are three brief but extremely potent Avestan-Mantras that are life-transforming. They are YATHA, ASHEM and YENGHEY-HATHAAM.  Recite them for a week with all your heart and soul whenever and wherever you are and you’ll see magical transformation in your life specially if you say them around 4 am. (Brahma-Mahurat).

What is the final aim of human life? It is to find and merge with the one ultimate consciousness -that one spiritual-energy which mankind worships through different religions and spiritual practices. What the scientists call the Supreme Reality, Buddhists call Nirvana, Hindus call Moksh, Jesus called The Kingdom of Heaven, Zoroastrians call Ravaan-Bokhtegi, the Vedas and Upanishads call self-knowledge i.e. a conscious realization of what you ‘really’ are (a part of divinity).

All of us have to reach this final spiritual destination open to us, even though nature is patient and will wait millions of years for its accomplishment if necessary. However, if you want to speed up your spiritual evolution, the time to start praying daily is now, and the place is here – as TV quiz comperes say, “your time begins now!”

Don’t take my word for it. Just try praying daily for a week (for others) and see the magical transformation in your life!!

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