Eclipses – Solar, Lunar… And Mental!

The buzz around the Total Solar Eclipse 2017, which was visible in full glory for Northern USA on August 21st, 2017, drew equal attention of Indian astro-enthusiasts as well. Known as the Great American Solar Eclipse, it started around 9:15 IST and lasted two minutes, forty seconds, with the moon completely obscuring the sun, resulting in breath-taking images and videos recorded and going viral globally, within minutes of the event.

In keeping with the religio-cultural based outlook that many cater to, as regards to this celestial event, not surprisingly, a lot of us performed or acted in eclectic ways, relevant to our beliefs. Man is afraid of nature’s wrath. Strangely, some of us fear the eclipse – lunar and solar. One can easily read up on the scientific explanation for the occurrence of the Solar Eclipse, but let’s look at the ‘other side of the sun’.  Being a Solar Eclipse, different things seem to happen from an energy perspective. People prone to anxiety may find their anxious state heightened, some feel greater agitation, some feel a loss of control. For some, suppressed emotions could come gushing to the surface – over-reacting and heightened sensitivity resulting in you acting in ways unlike earlier – like bouts of crying.

Simply put, as the vibrations of the Earth change due to the Solar/Lunar eclipse, these vibrations affect changes within our body, in our ‘Qi’ or energy, and in our reactions to changes. From an energy point of view, one needs to understand that an eclipse is a part of nature, and nature is pure and strong in energy itself and would not destroy. A phenomenon like this occurs for a ‘Qi’ (energy) reason – to maintain the universe’s environmental balance and help regulate the balance on Earth.

Though there are no more major eclipses that will occur in 2017, the following will be visible in India in the next couple of years, as under:

  • 31st January, 2018 – Total Lunar Eclipse
  • 13th July, 2018 – Partial Solar Eclipse
  • 27/28th July, 2018 – Total Lunar Eclipse
  • 20th/21st January, 2019 – Total Lunar Eclipse
  • 17th July, 2019 – Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • 26th December, 2019 – Partial Solar Eclipse


Here’s what you can do to get the best out of this phenomenon:

  1. Some meditate just before it starts, some do it when the eclipse is halfway through and Qi gong masters do it when it is at its peak. However, eclipse meditations are tougher to do in general due to the charged energy. But, sit in a quiet and calm position, breathe in deeply letting in energy for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. If one is meditating to take in the Qi, ensure that there are no preconditions and intentions put forward. Wishing for something to take place, ‘filters’ and colours the energy harnessed.
  3. Simply be an observer and let whatever is meant to come to you, come. Even without meditation, if you are open to receive and cultivate Qi, it will take care of itself as you go about doing your daily activities. Post meditation, do not search or chase a feeling or experience. Things will happen naturally to and around you.
  4. Accept this as a part of nature and be open to whatever changes are meant to happen. Sometimes, we need a push to take certain steps in life. Through the guise of the eclipse, the subconscious mind may actually push one to take active, dynamic decisions that may have been pending for a while.
  5. The positive energy that you take in, can only bring about positive changes in your life. Remember, all natural, unfiltered Qi is positive and pure.
  6. Only you can decide how you wish to be affected. Do not ever give another the power to impact you, not by thought, word or action.

Instances and events will continue to take place around you. What makes you stronger is not how you deal with these ‘happenings’ outside, but from within. Make such ‘opportunities’ important stepping stones to further your spiritual and mental journey. You have the power to frighten yourself or become fearless!

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