Anjuman Atash Behram Celebrates 120th Salgreh

18th September, 2017 marked the 120th Salgreh of Mumbai’s Anjuman Atash Behram, which was celebrated on Ardibehesht Mahino, Ardibehesht Roj (September 18th 2017) with two joyful Jasans, (morning and evening) performed by Nayab (meaning successor in waiting) Dasturji Saheb Dr. (FRCS) Jamasp JamaspAsa and his teams of Mobeds. Trustees Er. Phiroze Katrak, Er. Burjorji Antia, Er.  Noshir Katrak and Er.  Noshir Kotwal presided the morning Jasan ceremony, while Trustee Er.  Phiroze Katrak attended the evening Jasan. Vada Dasturji Kaikhushru Minocheher JamaspAsa was present at the Atash Behram all day. Since inception, the JamaspAsa family has been in charge of the Anjuman Atash Behram. Nayab Dasturji Jamasp spoke of the Anjuman Atash Behram, “This Atash Behram’s foundation stone was laid by Dasturji Dr. Jamaspji Minocherji JamaspAsa MA, PhD, DCL on Roj Daepaadar, Mah Ardibhesht, on 17th October, 1897. The Bhagaria priests of Navsari practicing in Bombay formed a committee under the guidance of Dasturji JamaspAsa in order to establish a second fire temple for religious rituals and practice. Seth Jalbhoy Ardeshir Sett and Sohrab Rustomji Bunshah, the Chairman and Honorary Secretary of the Atash Behram, were instrumental in establishing the Fire Temple.”

The word ‘Anjuman’ signifies the laity and as thus, this was an Atash Behram for the people, and funded and built by the people. During the Atash Behram’s construction, the late Dasturji Dr. Jamaspji Minocherji JamaspAsa commenced collecting donations and visited Dasturji Kukadaru Saheb for help as the funds had fallen short. It is then that Dasturji Kukadaru Saheb asked for a brick to be put in another room and prayed through the night, turning it into a brick of gold, which eventually fetched Rs.10,000/-, the exact amount needed to complete the Atash Behram! Elucidating on the stages of building and modernising the Atash Behram, Er. JamaspAsa said, “The main edifice was established in 1897. The Aadaryaan was established on 17 July, 1925 due to the donations from Kaikhusroo Hormusji Bhiwandiwalla. Thereafter, the structure has been revamped twice, the last occasion being the centenary year. The magnificent edifice requires constant upkeep and repair and the committee has set up a ‘Repair Fund’ which we hope to increase further in the near future as the structure is in need of a complete over haul once more. ‘Ardibehesht’ signifies fire and this was an auspicious day to consecrate the Fire Temple and the Jashan ceremony to honour the Atash Behram is held every year on this auspicious day.”

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