Author Veera Sanjana Unveils ‘#LOVEBYTESLIFEHACKS’

– Chicken Soup For The Parsi Soul! –



On the eve of 24th August, 2018, author, teacher and poet – the dynamic Veera Sanjana released her second brilliant book, #LOVEBYTESLIFEHACKS, at a stylish event, at Crossword Bookstore in South Bombay, hosted by model and Television celebrity, Parizad Kolah Marshall, with ace comedian and theatre personality, Cyrus Broacha officially launching the book. Veera read some specially curated excerpts from her book drawing in adulation from her audience and then went on to engage with them on all things, love and life related!

Veera is a second time author who shares some of the most insightful and heart-warming experiences and revelations about her inspirational journey in her anthology, #LOVEBYTESLIFEHACKS – a unique collection of original quotes about Love and Life, two subjects that often beguile, confound, quiz and confuse even the most rational and sensible of us! #LOVEBYTESLIFEHACKS can also be called a timeless spectrum of literature and could be defined as a handbook of sorts, where readers will surely resonate with situations, circumstances and instances in their own life or perhaps derive inspiration and thought  from it. It is a book that everyone will relate to irrespective of gender, caste, age, et al. In fact, Veera’s writings provide a sense of solace, peace, hope and redemption and can surely qualify as our very own ‘Chicken Soup For The Parsi Soul!’

An educator spanning over three decades, Veera debuted as an author with ‘Endured’, a collection of 46 delightful and deep poems – touching upon eclectic themes, verse styles and language ranging from classic to contemporary – which was highly appreciated by readers and critics alike. Explaining how she came to write an anthology instead of a typical novel, Veera says, “The funny thing is that, I never sought to sit and write poetry per se, it just happened! All my initial floundering attempts at writing always somehow had poetry taking centre stage. Poetry and its offshoots – be it couplets, quatrains or quotes – have always danced around in my head seeking an outlet. The act of writing is easy, the decision to author difficult. Your work can be acclaimed or criticised; it can be accepted or declined. Never to turn away from a fair challenge and with the luxury of time along with an underlying feeling that time was running out, I decided to get my first book published.”

For Veera, #LOVEBYTESLIFEHACKS was not a conscious decision. She realised that the quotes, quatrains, couplets that she would compile and share regularly with friends, family and larger audiences through social media, had an avid following. Armed with enough material to warrant a decent compilation, she approached Indian publishers and the rest is history! Taking all barriers and challenges in life head on, Veera Sanjana’s quote “ordinary people lead extraordinary lives too,” applies perfectly well to her story.

As the book hits the stands across India, Veera, in true author style, concludes with, “It’s never too late to try something new. In the words of Ernest Henley, “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”

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