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The Hegelian Solution

Piroja Jokhi, as usual, has hit the nail on the head. She mentions that our religion has survived the vicissitude of time because of the teachings of our Prophet Asho Zarathushtra. We have “remained fresh, vibrant, logical and modern even to this day.” This is because of our ability to change and keep up with times. The imminent threat of extinction can be averted by the whole community coming together and “minimizing the differences” between the two main factions, the orthodox and the progressives, through “Intelligent conservatism.”

The fact remains that no matter what we do, Zoroastrianism is going to survive. If we are pragmatic enough we can survive as Parsi Zoroastrians too otherwise Parsis as a community and our Parsipanu,  is going to be a part of history books and Parsipanu, will be in display only in museums.  Let our story not begin with “Once upon a time there dwelt a community of Zoroastrians called Parsis who…………….!”

Parsis have been known as a vibrant, modern community of adventurous, go-getters, open to new ideas, exploring new frontiers, having a reputation for honesty, integrity, generosity, good life and good living. Why? Because these qualities have been imbibed in us through the teachings in Gathas of our Prophet  and those who follow these holy lessons from Gathas can be like us in times to come, even if they have the so called ‘parjaat baap-na genes’ as we very crudely say.

For the ‘Intelligent Conservatism’ one has to accept the fact that any new proposition, a new idea, will be opposed. This is a healthy reasoning.  This also opens a new window to new concepts. If we accept what is termed in philosophy as the Hegelian dialectic which comprises of three stages, i.e. the tension between the two factions, the proposing and the opposing, can be reduced. The Hegelian dialectic is often regarded as being the philosophy propounded Georg WF Hegel but it actually it originated with Johann Fichte. It is based on the triad of concepts, thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Thesis i.e. the beginning proposal, an idea; the antithesis i.e. opposition to, or negation to the thesis; and finally the synthesis whereby the two conflicting ideas are reconciled into a new proposition.

In simple words let us all come together at the table with an open mind and appreciate each other’s view points and come to a solution. If we continue to be at each other’s throats we will be sealing our own doom. Vada Dasturji Khurshed of Udvada has put forth the thesis as quoted in the penultimate passage of Ms. Jokhi’s letter, and also in her own ultimate summing up which can be the starting point of Hegelian solution.

Any takers, Orthodox or Progressive?

dara khodaiji dara_mk@hotmail.com

Excellent News And Articles

I am one of many who eagerly awaits my newspaperwala to ring my doorbell every Saturday morning so I can get my hands on Parsi Times. Over the past couple of years it has truly proven itself in form of news and exciting content as the favourite weekly of our Community. It engages the young and the old and provides localised news which us Parsis love to read! Last year I had gone to Australia for a couple of months and one of my greatest concerns was how will I get the news? But I was so surprised to see that Parsis in Australia too love Parsi Times and constantly get all the news off the website and the Facebook page, known for providing the latest news to Parsis all over the world.

Increasingly, I must mention that the articles by the fabulous Mr. Noshir Dadrawala are just too absorbing – he has got both – the vast knowledge about our religion and culture and great writing talent which keeps readers of all ages completely absorbed! I read his articles twice to thrice always! Also, the editorials are very polished and thought-provoking – beyond the petty political jargon – always infusing positivity on a Saturday morning. Articles by Ruby are fun to read when she takes on her Meherbai avatar and yet quite spiritually uplifting – in her more sombre writings. Pet Puja is undoubtedly the favourite of all and Shirin provides excellent insights and tips for pet owners. I for one, have genuinely benefitted from the same with my 7-year old Labrador. In fact, even my neighbour’s daughter who is just 2 years old also awaits Parsi Times to look at the various adorable pics of the doggies in Pet Puja!

I wish to congratulate the editor for raising the standards along with the Parsi Times team for delivering a great news weekly every Saturday and starting off our weekends with very good local, national and global news as well as fun articles. Keep It Up!

Bachi J. Patel (Bandra West)






I really loved the article “Confessions of a Cynical Mind”.
It was such a catchy name and I assume it is part of a series, hoping that it is a regular column in the Parsi Times. So beautifully written. Thought provoking and profound!

Confessions of a cynical mind – what a brilliant article about the constant struggle that we as humans face daily in our lives dealing with others. Looking forward the next week’s article on this. Good job PT!

The compiler of Bawaji Bheja Fry has not done his/her research. Clue for 5 Down refers to Zubin Mehta’s sister. Zubin Mehta has no sister. Zarin Mehta who was” former president and executive director of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra” is Zubin Mehta’s brother.

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