High Court Lifts Stay On MMRCL’s Tunnelling

Yesterday, at 11:00am, in the hearing of the Atash Behram V/s MMRCL (Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited) case, the High Court lifted the Stay – subject to a few measures – on the tunnelling related construction activity, which had posed a threat to the structural sanctity of two of our most integral places of worship – the Wadiaji Atash Behram and the Anjuman Atash Behram. With the lifting of the Stay order, MMRCL is now free to resume its tunnelling work, in keeping with the following measures prescribed by the High Court:

  • No damage should be caused to the two Atash Behrams;
  • Continuous monitoring by team of experts;
  • Controlled blasting is permitted, which has to be continuously monitored and there should be no damage to the two Atash Behrams;
  • The levels of water should be continuously monitored and all necessary precautions should be taken to maintain the water levels.

Sr. Counsel on behalf of the petitioners, Navroze Seervai, pressed the Court to continue with the Stay Order for 2 more weeks so as to get time to approach the Supreme Court. But his motion was denied. In another attempt, Sr. Counsel on behalf of the Atash Behrams, Fredun DeVetri, yet again highlighted the potential, irreversible damage that would ensue, ruining the structural sanctity of the Holy structures, if the construction work resumed. But even this met with no relief.

The legal teams representing the cause of the safety of Atash Behrams will now approach the Supreme Court to continue fighting for the cause of protecting the Community’s integral Atash Behrams.

(This was the latest status on the case when this publication went to print. For the latest updates, kindly check our popular Facebook Page: facebook.com/parsi.times)


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