RTR Begins Fifth Chapter

The 5th edition of the Zoroastrian ‘Return To Roots’ Program began in Mumbai on December 19, 2018. 22 Zarathushti youth from USA, Canada, Pakistan, New Zealand and India gathered at the Cusrow Baug Pavilion to kick off the program. Aban Marker-Kabraji, Co-Chair of RTR Program, welcomed the RTR Fellows and briefed them about the history of the program and the ethos and principles on which the program is based. Arzan Sam Wadia, Program Director of RTR, briefed everyone about the upcoming daily program details. The group were given a brief history of the Cusrow Baug, Mumbai’s premier Zoroastrian housing colony by Hoshang Jal, the Secretary of Cusrow Baug Pavilion.

Homi Gandhi, President of FEZANA spoke of FEZANA’s commitment as a MoU partner in supporting RTR as an institutional partner. After lunch, RTR Fellows were welcomed at Madison World, India’s premier advertising and marketing agency headed by the dynamic father-daughter duo of Sam Balsara and Lara Balsara, where they received a masterclass in entrepreneurship and media, and the story behind the successful ad campaign for Jiyo Parsi.

Over the next two weeks Fellows will travel to Pune, Nargol, Sanjan, Udvada, Navsari and Surat before returning to Mumbai for the return leg.


Courtesy: Parsikhabar.com

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