From The Editor’s Desk – ‘Welcome 2019 With 10 Deep Breaths…’

Dear Readers,

As we wake up to the dawn of the New Year, and the excitement of the ‘newness’ ebbs, after the parties and all the merriment, let’s pause to take in a few deep, long breaths. Let’s breathe in the good that the present holds and the New Year heralds, and let’s breathe out what doesn’t belong within us anymore…

Breathe In Faith, Breathe Out Fear: Faith is the anti-thesis of fear – where there is faith, there can be no fear. Hold on to your faith with all sincerity, trust His process completely… and see those fears and insecurities dissolve!

Breathe In Gratitude, Breathe Out Anger/Hate: It’s like fiercely holding on to the most vicious tumours inside – no good can come of that. When you realise there’s way more to be grateful for than be angry about, your pain and resentment will perish.

Breathe In Wisdom, Breathe Out Information-Clutter: Too much unnecessary information is noise, knowledge without discretion is dangerous. Smart people have been known to do monumentally stupid things. Cultivate wisdom – the ability to distinguish which aspects of information or knowledge are true, right, lasting and applicable to your life.

Breathe In Independence, Breathe Out Entitlement: That’s the only true way of building any real self-respect and pride. Where there’s no pride, there’s ego… and we all know how that one goes. Avoid hand-outs – material, intellectual or emotional. Be self-supportive – go out there, do your thing.

Breathe In Family-time, Breathe Out Social Media/Online Addiction: Don’t give the best gift of all – your time – to electronic gadgets, any more than you have to. When push comes to shove and your back’s against the wall, it’s your family and loved ones you turn to – so respect their presence, and your limited time.

Breathe In Growth, Breathe Out Judgment: Focus on your own growth, instead of another’s (perceived) faults. No amount of putting down another will make you feel better about your inadequacies. Growth is hard work but the rewards are unparalleled – roll up those mental sleeves and get down to it.

Breathe In Respect, Breathe Out High-handedness: Respect is as much the unfailing cornerstone of every successful relationship, as arrogance is its imminent fall. Believe in equality, and to agree to disagree. Remember, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are relative terms, changing with time and circumstances. Hold on to your convictions, but don’t disrespect those who believe otherwise. Respect your differences.

Breathe In Compassion, Breathe Out Hurtfulness: There can never be too much kindness and there doesn’t have to be a dearth of it as long as you nurture the noblest and Godliest of all emotions ever – Compassion. Hurting another intentionally, in any form – verbal, physical or mental – is abuse. And whether you’re at the giving or receiving end of it, ensure it has no place in your life this year!

Breathe in Unity, Breathe Out Vulnerability: I’ve said it before – it doesn’t matter how small our numbers are, what matters is how loud our collective voice is. The infighting needs to end and it needs to end now. It makes us vulnerable and defenceless to negative forces outside and within. We need to get our act together and put up a solid, united front as a Community.

Breathe in Today, Breathe Out Yesterday: Let’s try to let go of past grudges and grievances. The biggest favour you will do yourself is to forgive – yourself or another – because there is no healing without forgiveness. You can’t drive the car of life focusing on the rear-view mirror of the past… you have to look ahead, ‘viper-out’ the preconceived notions which smudge your windscreen to be able to clearly view the path ahead, and drive into a bright future laced with hope, happiness and positivity.

Here’s to the start of another year, and to another chance for us to get it right!

Have a lovely weekend and a fantastic New Year!

–  Anahita



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