10 Reasons Why Women Prefer Dogs To Men!

The old phrase, ‘man’s best friend’, may need to change to be more inclusive! A study carried out by Purina Dog Food revealed that half of girl-dog owners surveyed would prefer spending their free time and weekends with their dog(s) rather than their partners! And yet another study, carried out in New York revealed that women slept better when they shared their bed with their pooch.

So what is it that makes a woman prefer a dog over a man? We asked some women and here’s what they had to say…

“A dog gives unconditional love. Even known a man do that?” quipped Katy.

Sanaya, who’s been married for five years now, said that keeping a dog at home makes the women feel safer. “If a thief breaks in, my dog will bark and protect us. My husband, on the other hand, will probably snore all through the break in!”

Newly married Rati confesses, “A dog will never complain about your cooking. They will eat anything that we give them with gratitude. That includes the burnt toast and runny eggs… It’s a very different story with these cribby, ungrateful men!”

Phiroza, a grandma who is a school principal, says, “You can scold your dog when you leave home; and he will yet be there to welcome you when you come back home.

“A dog will never make fun of your new hairstyle or your new passion for dread locks,” expresses 19-year-old Delnaz.

Irate wife and daughter-in-law, Zenia, said, “You can say what you want about your dog’s mother and your dog will wag his tail at you in agreement!”

Twenty-five year old Binaifer affirms, “A dog will never judge you for putting on weight and yet eating ice cream at every meal.”

“A dog will never criticise your driving skills or do back seat-driving making you even more nervous!” complains career woman, Farnaaz.

Home-maker and mommy, Rashna says, “When you are upset and crying, your dog will sit by your side as long you need him to without asking what time the cricket match starts on TV!”

“When your dog’s friends come over, they include you in their games and you rarely have to clean up after they leave!” discloses Tehmi, a wife with a very social husband!

No wonder then, the old adage needs to get a revamp – ‘Dog is WOMAN’s Best Friend’!!

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