Charming Cherazad Churns 97%!

Cherazad Maneck Udwadia, from Mumbai’s Cathedral & John Connon School, secured a marvelous 97% overall (and 98.4% best of 5), in the recent ICSE exams. Proud parents, Banoo and Maneck Udwadia, were thrilled to see her score cent per cent in History and Chemistry, with a 98% in Math, Physics and Biology each, without any tuitions or coaching – the very impressive result of self-study and support from teachers and family. A Black Belt in Karate and a Brown Belt in Judo, Cherazad has also won a Gold (Karate) and Bronze (Judo) at the District Level. She expresses much gratitude to her school Principal, Vice Principal and teachers for their guidance, motivation and encouragement; as also to the unconditional support she received from her family.

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