Faith And Doubt

“I talk to God, but the sky is empty.”

Many a times as we move through life, when we face its many challenges, the ugly head of doubt raises itself in our minds. The doubt is strong because it is completely founded in our so-called reality. A bad report card, a miserable blood test, a failed relationship, tensions at home… all these are very, very real and not to be scoffed at, as merely our imagination. So, when we are faced with any of these, we must simply do what all good doctors suggest. When the disease is severe, they increase the dosage or the power of the medicine. So also, when we are faced with tough situations, we have to increase the dosage of our prayers!

Pray with more conviction, pray with more belief and more importantly, pray regularly. So far, I have advocated only the shorter and most effective Nirangs and words of the 101 names. But, this is done only to get one started. Our longer prayers are indeed the best remedy for all ills. So, take a day at a time. Feel within your heart and seek the prayer that best suits you. Don’t forget the basics – a simple kusti followed by a Sarosh Baj is highly effective. Go to the Agiary and stand before the Son of Ahura Mazda, share your doubts with Him. My experience says you will not leave from there without some solution presenting itself!

Empower your faith – make it stronger than your doubt… increase the dosage!

Daisy P. Navdar
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