Enjoy The Essence Of Creation

Life is a mixture of comedies and tragedies; of laughter and tears, of high highs and low lows.Neither happiness nor unhappiness lasts forever – in fact, they’re cyclical. Just as you can’t always be happy, the good news is, you won’t always be sad, down and out.

Is there a cure? Yes! Next time you feel sad and confused or helpless and emotionally drained, just open your eyes to the beauty of Nature i.e. to creation itself. All living things have a common life-force (Pranic-Shakti) within and it is through this life-force that we are alive and find our oneness with all creation (nature) which has a rhythm, energy and pulsation. This pulsation within us can be aligned with all other living beings when we connect with nature’s numerous manifestations. When we feel ‘connected’ and ‘oneness’ with Nature, we are automatically uplifted emotionally.

Us humans create boundaries and separation like ‘you and me’. We add positive and negative emotions, likes and dislikes e.g. You like one person but dislike another. In nature, there’s no discrimination, no boundaries. The Sun shines equally – on saints as well as sinners. Ditto for the rain, cool breeze, fruits, flowers, beautiful scenery – in fact, all creation is for everyone and we must connect with this ‘essence’.

Rivers, lakes, streams, any body of water cleanses us spiritually, just as it cleans us

physically. We get revitalized when we physically touch these elements – like swimming or even just bathing – these also clean our souls when we look at them intensely, releasing our problems in them.

The earth provides us a gravitational force which enables us to live on its surface. Connect with the earth. In spiritual terms, it’s called ‘grounding’. Most people don’t give this a thought, but we need the consciousness of being ‘grounded’ with the earth in order to feel a balance within. If you feel emotionally scattered, low, sad, just lie down on the bare floor with your eyes closed and it will ‘centre’ and calm you. If you have the luxury of lying down on the grass, even better and quicker!

Grass is life growing from mother Earth, reassuring us that life keeps growing, and that like grass, we should also keep growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our feet can never tire of walking on grass since it reminds us to look deep within our souls for any wonder to unfold. Trees have so much to offer us! Tall coconut trees point heavenward, reminding us of the spirit above. All trees have deep roots that all the way down to the core of all life i.e. that little seed planted by man. We can plant the seed but only God can give it life (Pranic-Shakti) and make it grow. As trees sway in the breeze, they signify that we also need to be flexible and not rigid in our life.

A tiny seed contains the entire tree! So also, we can reach higher states of consciousness from that tiny spark of divinity within us. But, just as a seed needs soil and nurturing, so do we need a good spiritual foundation for our divinity to develop and bloom. There’s nothing like being in the lap of Nature, especially on a bright, sunny day or even when it’s drizzling lightly or cold – any season is good! As I always urge, get out of your chair, get out of the house and if you can’t due to circumstances, go for the luxury of a ‘nature-meditation’ i.e. imagine yourself standing against a tree or floating in water or lying on the grass until you actually ‘feel’ the essence of creation!

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