Don’t Encourage Covid – Discourage It!!

Our mind is divided into the conscious and the sub-conscious. Surprisingly, the sub-conscious comprises 90 per cent of our conscious life! It’s the sub-conscious mind that builds your body, it’s vital functions and optimum health, twenty-four hours a day. It never sleeps, not even when we sleep. It constantly preserves us from all and every illness, including Covid. This is because our sub-conscious is perpetually in touch with the universal infinite life and boundless wisdom. It speaks to you in hunches, urges, impulses, imagination, ideas, inspiration and ALWAYS encourages you to grow, be adventurous, rise, advance, transcend and evolve, so that you can live your best life as the best version of yourself.

All good deeds, virtues, compassion, love, altruisms come from the sub-conscious. Even optimum health comes from here but we interfere with its working by having either negative or fearful thoughts or continuously feeding our mind thoughts of disease. When one does this, then THAT person succumbs to the disease, or germs or bacteria or virus. When the majority of humanity thinks of a particular disease or virus, its force of ‘collective-consciousness’ is tremendous and it manifests as an epidemic. This is exactly what is happening today. Humanity is perpetuating and increasing the experience of Covid by feeding it so much energy – especially the energy of fear, which is a very strong universal vibration.

“What’s that got to do with me?” you may ask. Well, everything!!

You are perpetuating, encouraging and spreading Covid by constantly talking about it with family and friends, by exchanging Covid posts on WhatsApp and Facebook, by watching everything about Covid on TV, by discussing  its each and every aspect – How did it happen to so-and-so? What were the symptoms? How did it start? Is he at home or in hospital? On oxygen or ventilator? Did he stay indoors? Did he do steam inhalation?

People also talk rubbish about Covid. Recently, a school friend’s husband died of Covid and a busy-body told everyone in the colony that his wife and daughter were always roaming around, going shopping, eating out and came home to pass on Covid-germs to the poor perpetually housebound husband. STOP such loose-talk immediately! It does no good to anyone. What happened, happened. Rather, give love, friendship and solace to the mother and daughter because only they know what they are going through!

Don’t spread Covid messages on social media – more the messages, graver the danger. Don’t talk of it. More the talk, more Covid! Don’t dissect and analyse it because you’ll be only contributing to the collective-consciousness and mass-hysteria and spreading Covid at an invisible level (through the sub-conscious collective world). Whatever you talk about and focus on, manifests as your personal experience, as well as collective experience for humanity, which we call ‘an epidemic’.

The thought world is the real world of ‘causes’ and the physical world we see around us is the ‘result’ of these thoughts. Each and everything starts as a ‘thought’. Every drawing, painting, poem, article, photograph, sculpture, building… was first a thought in somebody’s mind. Similarly, every epidemic manifests because of the thought of fear in the collective-consciousness and results in mass-hysteria. Don’t feed the energy of fear. Don’t expect the worst! Avoid discussing Covid. Stop keeping statistics of how many people fell sick or how many died.

TV has been a great catalyst in spreading Covid – you’re constantly fed morbid facts, figures or statistics in the so-called ‘Breaking-News’, or interviews with doctors on the SOS (Same Old Subject). Change the channel, watch some musical programme or even a silly serial. In fact, inane TV comedies will make you laugh and in turn, boost your immune system!

When you distract your focus of thought from anything, you are not feeding energy to it and it will never happen to you. On the other hand, if you focus on some life-experience, like health, it will definitely happen to you. An average child, born into this world is perfectly healthy with all its organs functioning beautifully. This is our real state. We should be healthy, vital, vibrant and strong. How will you achieve this state? By thinking potent, positive, beautiful thoughts of health. What happens when you do this?  You are in harmony with the goodness of the Universal principle which will preserve and protect you.

To be healthy is your right and natural-self where as to be sick is unnatural. It means that sometime in the past, your stream of thinking was negative. In fact, the word disease itself means you are not at ease (dis-ease). If your thought is in harmony with the creative principle of your sub-conscious mind, you are in tune with the Universe and healthy. If your thoughts are not in harmony, then these negative thoughts will cling to you, harass you, worry you and finally bring disease and if persisted, even possible death. So, embrace positivity and keep negative thoughts at bay!

Important: Immaterial of one’s state of mind, one must always follow all mandatory precautions like wearing a mask, washing your hands and keeping social-distance.

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