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Setting A Divine Community-Service Precedent

Dear Readers,

Across the nation and the world, we are respected and admired as a philanthropic community which has always ‘given to all’. We are privileged and take great pride in being reckoned as the descendants of our prophetic ancestors who knew how to take care of their own community, while making a huge difference, with their achievements and charitable dispositions, to larger causes and publics – national and global.

Our community is blessed with generous individuals, grants and trusts, which continue to cater to various needs of innumerable community members. Leading from the front, when it comes to proving steadfast commitment and dedication to Community Service, stands the World Zoroastrian Organisation Trusts (WZOT), headed brilliantly by the community’s prominent visionary and thought-leader – Dinshaw Tamboly.

Supporting virtually every need of the community’s underprivileged, as well as spearheading crucial causes for the wellbeing of all humdins, WZOT has yet again stepped up for the cause of protecting our Mobeds from fire-hazards. In a joint initiative with ‘Team: Empowering Mobeds’, WZOT will be providing fire-retardant attire for all our Mobeds, in keeping with the unfortunate accident which took place last October where 14-year-old Er. Zahan Meherzad Turel suffered severe burn injuries when performing the ‘boi’ ceremony at Surat’s Goti Adarian.

The fire-retardant attire, which will be available by end July this year, includes Jamas, Padans and Hand Pockets, made of fire-retardant fabric, ensuring fire-protection for our Boiwala Mobeds, when they offer prayers inside the kebla (sanctum sanctorum).

In addition to safeguarding our Mobeds’ wellbeing, such a thoughtful and noble act also boosts their confidence and fosters a sense of well-deserved appreciation for the important religious services rendered. A brilliant and divine community-service precedent indeed!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita



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