Spiritual Truths About Relationships And How To Look At Them!

The elemental truth about every relationship that impacts your life in some manner or the other, is based on this simple truth: ‘Every person comes into your life for a soul purpose; perhaps to heal you, cure you, to teach you, or simply to comfort you through the lessons that you needed to learn in this lifetime.’ People also walk into your life at just the right time. There are no coincidences in the spiritual realm. Every bond, every relationship is cemented long before your birth. Soul relationships are spiritual connects through several lifetimes.

It is no coincidence then, that we choose the people around us – family, friends, well-wishers, benefactors, even those that crush us, defeat us and those that miss no opportunity to make us feel small. Spiritual lessons and truths are not easy to digest or understand. sometimes these are downright cruel and painful, like a rude joke played on us, without our knowledge, without cause or consent.

However, the spiritual facts that we need to consider, especially related to spiritual relationships, include:

…In the spiritual realm of things, you chose your parents before birth as they are the perfect people for your spiritual progress.

…Every person that crosses your path is either a mirror, a teacher or an expander

…Those who trigger you are people who help you heal. They mirror aspects of yourself, that you are either denying or haven’t yet learned to love.

…People will treat you how you treat yourself.

…Heartbreaks are the best heart openers – one of the fastest means of helping you connect to your higher self.

…When you walk away from a person or a relationship without learning the lesson from you were meant to, , you recreate for yourself the same lesson in another person.

…The sole purpose of a relationship is to help you in your next step of healing, not to complete you or make you happy.

…There are about 50 people in your life that keep reincarnating together, playing different roles – father, mother, sister, friend, wife, daughter-in-law, etc.

…The people who hurt you the most in this lifetime are probably your best friends and well-wishers on the other side. They volunteer to play the villain for you to go through the experiences you signed up for your soul’s evolution.

Relationships are mirror images of your own life. Relationships are affected by what is going on in your life. It’s all about how you feel and treat yourself, as well as how you respond and react to different situations and people around you. All relationships – emotional, physical, mental or spiritual – are part of the learning process and should nurture and enlighten your soul. While you may not necessarily understand why you enter into a new relationship at that time, it can help you understand, change, or enhance your individual qualities.

Every relationship is an opportunity for our soul’s growth. Different relationships have an uncanny way of showing you what you need to work on in your life. At times these reveal your vulnerabilities and insecurities or your need for attention, approval, acceptance. Equally, they identify where you may be stuck, in a rut, or even where you need love, peace, healing and joy in your life.

All your relationships are really about you, always reflecting back what we need to see. The question then is, “Do you really want to look in the mirror and be open to what you need to learn or simply pretend it’s not there and just pass by?”

Look at your relationships and note how and when they affected you the most. Did they contribute to your soul’s progress? Did they guide you to where you are now or did it lead you away from your purpose? Are you happy at this point in your life and what led you there? There are questions one needs to ask to access the value of real spiritual connects – good or bad…

What am I learning from this relationship? What qualities am I developing because of it? Is this relationship for my higher good? How can I make this relationship better? Are we learning from each other? What am I learning or still meant to learn from this relationship? Is this relationship teaching me something about truth, love, honesty, envy, hatred, greed?

Within every relationship, there’s an encoded lesson that you’ve learnt or still need to learn. Spiritual connections are generally categorised into:

Twin Flames: Those you share the same soul with. Breathtaking coincidences filled with synchronicities. Everything about yourself and things you have been running from, are all suddenly in front of you. You simply cannot ignore or disregard the strange connection.

Soulmates: There is instant connection. An undeniable bond. You feel like you’ve known this person before. It is an easy relationship. Typically, the one you need. Teaches you self-love and invigorates your entire being.

Karmic Partners: They are by far the most difficult of all spiritual connects. You may fall into vicious patterns of joy and grief. You find these relationships really hard to let go. You are brought together for the higher purpose of learning important lessons you failed to master in your earlier or previous lifetime.

Spiritual relationships exist, soul connects happen. We have lived lifetimes in the quest of enlightenment and salvation. What we know today is what has existed for eternity. Our paths are our own. Our journeys are different but along the way we touch and connect with our people, our ‘soulpanions’, as I like to call them endearingly – the ones meant for us on this long road to infinite beauty and divinity.

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