The Universe Has Its Own Language!

In the vastness of space, in the rumblings of the tides, in the movement of the stars have we existed. We have lived a thousand times over, felt found and lost, amassed friends and family that have helped or failed us from time to time, but has, in the end, led us to where we stand today. We are the sum of our experiences, all imprinted on our soul’s DNA, as ancient as the mountains that stand and the seas that flow.

There is a timelessness in the universe that speaks to us. There are secrets in the folds that need to be understood. Oftentimes the vastness sings to us, tunes mysterious and strange. It talks in a language of which we know nothing, save the fact that every time it speaks, it awakens our soul from a deep slumber.

When the universe gives you a sign, it often feels like an affirmation of love and support. You could call it intuition or a gut feeling. It somehow grabs you completely and takes a hold over you. It can happen in a state of stillness, when a calm descends over you or it can charge up like an electric current flowing through every fiber of your being, like a sudden rude shock. It can be a nudge or a gentle push. But when these signs occur it feels like an external validation that reconfirms our soul’s guidance.

As we get more in tune with our intuition and how the universe communicates with us, we start to distinguish how each spiritual sign means something more than what appears to be. You may recognize feelings of foreboding, negativity with places and people. You may realize the coverup of good friends, and recognize the slings and arrows of foes and misfortunes, long before their darts sink into your skin. You pick up on vibrations and energies of souls. You become more knowing without really knowing how. It is not a skill or a science. It is not a fact or the truth but a deep feeling of knowing. Spiritual intuition is a gift. One we are born with. Our logical thinking mind often challenges these innate abilities and we frequently tend to brush off these feelings as nonsensical or illogical, at best.

The universe speaks to us in many voices, taking the form of our many ‘inner voices’…. there’s the inner critic, the soft voice or the loving voice. It may take a bit of practice to get our inner voice to communicate with the voice of the Universe.  But when the two communicate easily, language flows. This language has no words, just feelings that connect your inner being to the vast universal truth. When that happens, it is a love song for the ages. Your soul learns to dance the tango with the most able teacher. The universe will guide and lead you through every twist and turn, like an able tango instructor. All you have to do is trust and be led.

The Universe speaks through dreams, where another reality exists… one where colours are vivid, flowers different, peace is the atmosphere and you breathe love instead of oxygen. This place is a creation of your imagination. There are no restrictions or rules here, no hell or grief. The Universe grants you wholeness and oneness beyond your wildest imaginings. It grants you joy and unbound humility and grace. Everyone here is a soul. There is no ugliness or malice, no envy or greed. You exist pure till such time as you please. This is a place of rest and learning, learning soul secrets that help you transcend even higher. You are left amazed at this splendor – a feast of such divine purity. Makes you wonder, how humans who have created so beautiful, can trip and fall so low from grace!

Ours is the Universe – all for the asking, if only you can see. Ours is the joy of eternity if only we heed. Hear what the Universe says. Its rich and fecund in all its glory. The Universe speaks to you in dreams and visions of a better reality. Hear what it says. I have tried all the days of my life to hear it speak. And if I can hear it from time to time, I trust you will too!

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