Kayan Patel Scores Silver At Royal Enfield GT CUP

Motorcycle champ, 22-year-old Kayan Zubin Patel, resident of Rustom Baug (Mumbai), has consistently been winning accolades in motorbike racing, keeping up the family tradition. Continuing his winning spree, Kayan secured second place in the Royal Enfield GT CUP, which was held in Coimbatore, on the 26th -27th of August, 2023.

This win will be a special memory, in keeping with the fact that he scored this victory despite having to start from the 20th position. Shares Kayan, “I was having a really good race and then just 3 laps before the finish, I encountered an unfortunate mechanical failure due to which I couldn’t finish. The result of this first race meant I would have to start the second race from the last place – which is the 20th position! However, I kept my wits and my focus razor-sharp, and though I had to seriously battle it out with the solid competition ahead of me, I managed to finish in second place.”

At the start of the year, in January 2023, Kayan won first place in the prestigious ‘All India KTM RC CUP’ – the largest national motorcycle racing championship, attracting over 1000 participants, from across 8 cities – Mumbai, Vadodara, Delhi, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai.

Always passionate about bikes, Kayan started his journey at the young age of four when his father gifted him a small bike from Japan, on his 4th birthday, which he learnt to ride on Rustom Baug’s football field! Elevating the third generation of the ‘Patel Racing family’, Kayan follows in the illustrious footsteps of his uncles, racing champ Rustom and Neville Patel, under the expert guidance and support of his father – Zubin Patel, who collectively run the family-owned business, ‘RNZ Service Station’, which is a boutique service garage for two-wheelers.

Sharing fitness as the essence of his success as a racing champ, Kayan says, “Fitness is the crucial aspect of being a good rider. Your success depends on your fitness first, and then your dedication towards training. Mentally too, you need to be strong in terms of focus and discipline. Most importantly I’d like to share this message with our youth who are race-enthusiasts – please say NO to street-racing. If you want to race, get on the track, not the streets!”

Kudos to Kayan on yet another brilliant win! Here’s wishing him the best for many more achievements!

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