Victory In Defeat

Dear Readers,

Last Sunday had most of the nation tuned in to their televisions, in fever-pitched anticipation, of the Cricket World Cup Championship finale that was played between India and Australia. We didn’t get to lift the cup and there’s no denying that it was a bummer, but to underscore the splendid performance of our cricket team all through the tournament, would be ridiculously myopic!

To all real cricket fans across the world, we may have lost the battle on the given day, but we won the war. Our collective performance outshone every single competitor from 5th October to 19th November, with our consistently brilliant performance, in terms of skill and sportsmanship. And there is not a true cricket-loving Indian who can deny our Men in Blue the overall victory in this defeat. This is not sour grapes – it is the truth, and that is why our nation and our cricket-crazy community stands by our fantastic team who did us very proud.

I’ll say it again – it’s not a brilliant Indian dreams shattered over one match, it’s a billion Indian heads that will be held high and a billion Indian chests pumped with pride for years to come… at the exemplary overall display of fantastic cricket by our Men in Blue, who have more than justified and fortified the glorious legacy of Indian Cricket! A shining example of ‘victory in defeat’! Just like our very own community – where the victory of our achievements shines way brighter than our defeating dwindling population!

Kudos to our Men in Blue and kudos to our luminaries, who snatch out a victory in defeat!

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