Malcolm Baug’s ‘Centenary Fest’ – A Resounding Success

Malcolm Baug marked a significant milestone with the grand celebration of the ‘Malcolm Baug Centenary Fest’, which was held on 26th November, 2023, organized by Malcolm Baug Zoroastrian Association. Despite a damp start, with rain playing spoilsport on the day, the festivities roared to life, witnessing an impressive turnout of over 750 attendees!

The Fest kicked off at 10:00 am, with Chief Guest Rohinton Engineer inaugurating the gala event and lifting up everyone’s spirits with inspiring words. The visitors excitedly visited the innumerable stalls which offered unique experiences – from ‘Hody’s Pottery’ showcasing exquisite ceramic products to Mahavir’s alluring sarees and kurta collection – in an array catering to diverse tastes. The enchanting melodies of Little Coopers’ school choir captivated the audience, while Omkar Andh Apang Samajik Sanstha provided soothing foot and body massages. Some stalls exemplified the community’s commitment to nurturing young talents.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as participants engaged in the all-time favourite game of Housie, accompanied by music. The food and dessert stalls boasted a rich tapestry of cuisines with.

The day’s standout moment comprised the outcome of a pre-event, where Malcolm Baug residents were tasked with crafting artwork encapsulating the essence of Malcolm Baug’s rich history spanning a century. Malcolm Baug residents showcased their artistic prowess, presenting a collection of stunning artwork, which were subsequently transformed into magnets, becoming a captivating exhibit at the festival.

Heartfelt appreciation was extended to the Media Partner – Parsi Times, for their unwavering support and encouragement, playing a crucial role in the Fest’s success. Kudos to the organisers for commemorating the momentous centennial celebrations in an inclusive and entertaining manner, which is symbolic of the spirit of Malcolm Baug!

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