Make 2024 Everything You Want It To Be!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to 2024! Hope the New Year has started off on a great note for you! A New Year brings with it a sense of hope, symbolising ‘new beginnings’… a ‘clean slate’ to start over… it’s like the universe giving us that encouraging pat on the back saying, “go forth, ye warrior, try again!”, and off we march into its new orbit, hopefully committed to becoming better versions of ourselves.

But we often go off-track as the challenges or inconveniences of everyday life blurs the sight of our goals. So, you did wake up early to catch that morning walk but then, you suddenly remembered you needed to get some work done for junior or the hubby! Or you simply didn’t realise, how browsing Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook would eat right into the time you’d set aside to learn that new language or re-start an old hobby.
We all need a little nudge to keep us on the right path – we need to consciously cultivate a few good habits at the start of the year so we can look back at it, in December, with a sense of accomplishment, at all levels – mind, body and spirit.

It all starts with being honest with yourself, and there is no greater truth than this: only a healthy mind can lead to a healthy body, and equally, only a healthy body can produce or sustain a healthy mind. Start with ‘D & D’ – ‘Detox and Declutter’. Detox your body and your mind – work out those negative feelings within. And declutter your life by doing away with negative people who neither add value to your life or theirs, nor are willing to embrace positivity and growth. Us Bawas can be crazy hoarders – get rid of the surplus you don’t need or use. The rule is if you haven’t used it in five years, you don’t really need it.
Be mindful about your habits because habits determine attitude, personality and success. Always choose happiness – and if it’s not an option, then create it by focusing on the half of the glass that’s full.
‘Less Social Media – More Social Service!’ needs to be the mantra for 2024! Make a difference to your family or your community. Don’t let your reality get sucked into the virtual universe – get out into the real world, meet real people, play real sport!

‘More Self-Love – Less Indulgence’ – the former leads to course-correction and self-empowerment, the latter simply pampers a silly mood.
Reconnect with yourself and the universe. Explore and redefine your sense of peace, love and purpose. Grow! Learn at least one new thing this year – be it a sport, a language, a skill, a new attitude, or travel to a new place. Choose a new lifestyle, not a new diet – that’s the real game-changer!

Make 2024 everything you want it to be!

Have a lovely weekend!


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