Yoga For Memory And Concentration

Yoga is not merely a system of physical exercises, but a complete way of life. It helps you remain healthy and retain mental balance in difficult or adverse situations. Yoga paves essential steps towards a life full of harmony and worth enjoying. Stress reduction, body awareness, self-confidence, memory improvement… Yes, yoga is a vital tool […]

Paoryotakaesh To Vidaevo Ahura – Takesho

Before the advent of Zoroaster, there was Mazdayasnism – the oldest religion in the world. The great soul, our prophet, Zoroaster, redefined Mazdayasnism by fostering its evolution towards a more positive and spiritual approach, that would bring in peace and harmony between mankind and nature. Religious scholar and enthusiast, PT writer Dara Khodaiji shares some […]

Breathing Easy With Your Pooch!

Canine Behaviourist Shirin Merchant says, “Don’t let allergies come between you and your dog”. Here’s how… Porus loved dogs. Unfortunately, the boy was allergic to dogs and hence his parents could never get their ten-year-old son his own pet. Then one day, a friend showed them a newspaper cutting on ‘hypoallergenic dogs’. It suggested that […]

Say No To Tobacco/Smoking

Every year nearly six million deaths are caused due to the use of tobacco – and of these, six lakh deaths are a result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke or passive smoking, that is, being exposed to the smoke exhaled from smokers in proximity. May 31st marks ‘World No Tobacco Day’ (WNTD), instituted by the […]