Healing With Compassion

For all the talk about patient-centered care and a new health-care paradigm – which is most certainly the right way forward, the clinician-patient relationship has always remained relatively one-sided because of the nature of the profession itself. Essentially, patients come to clinicians for help, and the knowledge transfer, advice and guidance most often flows in […]

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women-specific health problems become synonymous with being a woman, but you no longer need to suffer in silence. Instead, take a step forward towards preventing and eliminating these women-specific health concerns. One such step is seeking physiotherapy for preventive or corrective measures. What better occasion than Women’s Day to understand the role of physiotherapy in […]

Energy Medicine

When people think ‘energy medicine’, they recall luxuries of the wellness world – practices including acupressure, chakra balancing, oriental healings, qigong or sound baths – that focus on healing the human ‘energy body’. Western and ancient medicines, like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Persian Traditional Medicine (PTM), Ayurveda and yogic therapies, have revolved around a radically […]

Lower Cross Syndrome

Like the Upper Cross Syndrome (discussed in the previous article), the Lower Cross Syndrome (LCS) is one of the most common compensatory patterns and a postural disorder in the lower back, pelvis, and hip joints of the muscles. The ‘Unterkreuz syndrome’ is also known as pelvic crossed syndrome, Lower Crossed Syndrome or Distal Crossed Syndrome. […]

A ‘Fast’ Cure!

Modern medicine’s greatest challenges are metabolic diseases: Obesity, type2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Blood Cholesterol, and Fatty Liver – collectively known as the Metabolic Syndrome. The roots of Metabolic Syndrome lie in our modern eating-habits – abundance of sugar, dairy and meat, artificial colours and flavors, artificial sweeteners and overdependence on refined and processed […]

Beyond Meat…

There is enough for every man’s needs, but not for his greed! The demand for meat consumption globally is similar – and Mother Earth is running out of resources to provide it. The meat industry uses up exorbitant amounts of land and water, making it the number one contributor to deforestation and climate change. If […]

Beating The Pandemic Blues

Already experiencing pandemic fatigue, many of us feel ill-prepared to endure another lockdown. With no clear end in sight, coronavirus is having a massive negative effect on mental health, with many experiencing stress, anxiety and insomnia. With the new variants spreading even faster, people’s emotional health is likely to give way under the strain of […]