Meherbai’s Mandli Discusses Their First Love

Meherbai hosted a simple theme-based Valentine’s Day lunch at her house. The Mandli was served heart-shaped pakoras as starters (with beer), heart-shaped pizzas and a huge, heart-shaped cake followed by heart-shaped chocolates. Everything was relished by the Mandli and as usual…, Keki’s Khadhri wife reminded her husband, “Keks! Go ask Meherbai if we can take home the left-overs!” […]

Meherbai Celebrates Parsi Time’s Birthday

To celebrate Parsi Time’s seventh Birthday, seven couples from Meherbai’s Mandli met at a restaurant called ‘Seven Seas’. The khanar-pinar group ordered Seven-Ups for all and seven fish-specialities of grilled baby-lobsters, spicy tiger-prawns, chilly-crabs, tandoori-squids, fried boomlas, Hydrabadi-pomfrets and jinga-biryanis. Banoo Batak:  Number seven is very significant. Even the human body changes every seven years; each and every atom […]