What Is Going On At BPP?

When Will Some Trustees Start Demonstrating Their Trustworthiness?? Over the past month, numerous readers have been inquiring with PT as regards what is happening at the BPP post the Hunger Fast observed by Trustees Noshir H. Dadrawala and Kersi J Randeria, and as result of which all five Trustees unanimously agreed to step down and […]

The King Has Returned

Iranshah, the Spiritual Monarch of the community, returned to His duly repaired and renovated abode, on 14th December, 2021. The Holy Fire was re-enthroned in the re-consecrated sanctum sanctorum on Roj Hormuzd (dedicated to the Supreme Divinity) of Mah Amardad (dedicated to the Divinity of Eternity). May Ahura Mazda’s Blessings continue to be showered through […]