‘SAY QI!’ Let Your Energy Deliver Your Goals!

New Year is synonymous with merriment and resolutions. So why not make some ‘Qi’ or energy-packed resolutions that will help you achieve your goals and make a real, positive difference to your life? Why do we make resolutions? We need them to motivate us and take us closer to our goal. A resolution helps to ‘make things happen’, which otherwise may not manifest because of lack of will-power or inspiration. Resolutions work best when used in conjunction with goals. Very often we make resolutions but do not think them through. If we take a moment to think about our goal, then we can work on a resolution that will help us achieve it. Devise a concrete plan for yourself. Start with short term and medium-term goals, write these down and periodically check to see how much progress has been achieved. Let’s look at how we can infuse Positive Qi in some of our Resolutions for 2019 to ensure success in our goals:


GOAL: To be Fit/Fitter

RESOLUTION: I will practice a physical sport.

CHANNELISING YOUR ‘Qi’: Be dedicated, practice discipline. Take some time to decide if this is the right sport for you. Work within your physical limitations. For those with physical issues, choose low-impact activities. Taichi works perfectly if you have mobility issues or suffer from illnesses that do not allow high impact physical activities.

GOAL: To Be Healthy/Healthier

RESOLUTION: I will seek professional help to get my health issues (mental/physical) under control

CHANNELISING YOUR ‘Qi’: Take time to commit seriously to your wellness. Ask the universe for healing and be open to it mentally. Also, hang on to positive reinforcements from the right people including dieticians, instructors, doctors who will help you get back in shape.

GOAL: To have a harmonious relationship with my partner

RESOLUTION: I will give my relationships a chance and be open to accepting people for what they are, rather than what I wish them to be.

CHANNELISING YOUR ‘Qi’: Relationships work best when both partners are honest and see an accept each other for what they are, flaws included. Instead of trying to change your spouse, focus on his/her positives, stop dredging up the past, and avoid working out of pre-conceived notions.

GOAL: To take charge of my life

RESOLUTION: I will speak my mind. I will learn to say “No”.

CHANNELISING YOUR ‘Qi’: Agreeing to other people just to avoid confrontations and unpleasantness never works in your favour and causes negativity. Learn to stand your ground and express yourself. Be assertive, not aggressive. Voice your opinion with friends, family and colleagues.


GOAL: To be financially secure

RESOLUTION: I will become financially stable by making smart career choices

CHANNELISING YOUR ‘Qi’: Evaluate your career graph to see if there’s been growth. Take advice from those who can help chart your career and assist in planning and investing your money to make it grow.

GOAL: To be stress-free and successful

RESOLUTION: I am going to focus purely on the larger picture here-on.

CHANNELISING YOUR ‘Qi’: We micro-manage our lives and find it difficult to let go of control. Shrug off additional roles and duties that you bring upon yourself. Prioritize what you really need to do. Share and allocate responsibilities to others even if they do not have your stamp of approval. And stop seeking validation from others.

So, take charge of your Qi and take charge of the coming year and your life and ensure yourself a truly Happy New Year!

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