Emotional Healing With Tai Chi – Part IV

Tai chi is a 4000-year-old martial art and works on the integration of body, mind and soul, on the principal that every physical ailment stems from the mind and that a proper balance between mind and body can correct and prevent these issues. In our previous article, we discussed how the lungs store sadness and grief, and how these emotions impact our health. Let us now look at another strong emotion that often takes over our lives…


The Emotion: FEAR

Fear is a strong emotion you experience when you do not know what will happen and expect some sort of harm to you or your loved ones or objects. We all experience fear for numerous reasons including feeling helpless or deprived, being physically challenged, insecurity about finance, food, shelter and clothing; humiliation, rejection, hurt, etc. It has also been linked to survival instincts and the fight or flight response ascribed to adrenaline.


The Organ Affected: Kidney

The emotion of fear resides in our kidneys, which as per Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), are supposed to be the reservoir for your primordial qi, the Jing energy that you are born with. It is this qi that we often need to replenish besides the qi that we harness when we do Taichi. Often children, who are born sickly or have a life-threatening condition in their early years, may have depleted Kidney Jing. Rejuvenating this energy is extremely important if one wishes to have a healthy life, especially as one ages. Each time we encounter a situation wherein we feel fear, we start storing it. When we do not deal with that situation or haven’t achieved closure, fear starts getting stored in layers in our kidneys. The kidneys primarily work on flushing out toxins from our body in the form of urine. However, after a point, the excess emotion starts impairing its functioning leading to organ dysfunction. As mentioned before, each meridian has a primary and secondary organ attached. It is not just the kidneys, but even the two secondary organs that start getting affected. As the kidneys get taxed trying to flush out more and more of the toxins, the urinary bladder gets affected. As Kidney Jing diminishes, the ears start getting affected, leading to deafness.


The Solution: Bringing This In Your Consciousness

Face Your Fear – it’s the permanent solution.

  1. Try to find the source of your fear. What’s scaring you, turning your stomach and making you sweat? What’s increasing your heart rate? Figure what’s causing this fear in you.
  2. Seek a solution once you accept and understand the source of your fear. Tap into that inner reserve of strength and tell yourself you are brave and can face anything that comes your way.
  3. Talk to friends and find out ways to deal with your situation. Do not hesitate to reach out to people who can help.
  4. Listen to music when you start feeling the onset of fear if you are at home or travelling.
  5. Take up a hobby to bring down your stress levels. Gardening is great. Today you can make your own terrarium at home with a little help from the internet.
  6. Take up an exercise or a sport that rejuvenates you – it will make you stronger and more in control.
  7. Tai-chi definitely helps you be calmer and in grip of your emotions. It enhances your hidden strength places you to cope better with your situation.


How Taichi Helps:

  1. Do kidney strengthening exercises, as these are the repositories of fear. Once you start working on your kidney system, you will notice the change yourself and feel less frightened and empowered to cope.
  2. Simple meditation, where you visualize your kidneys and the area around the kidneys, fill up with sapphire blue color whilst inhaling, will help. On exhalation release the toxins from your body with your breath, to be purified by the universe. This brings you inner security and courage. This is an effective method, even if tried for a few minutes.
  3. Choose clothes, accessories and surroundings that are blue in colour. Keep blue objects on your work desk or go for blue curtains. Try to be surrounded by sapphire blue as much as possible.
  4. Try and bring in a conscious state of calmness, gentleness and stillness. Learn to relax.
  5. Drink more water – increase the intake gradually. If you cannot have more water, an overall increase in liquids will help.



  1. I am unstoppable and fearless.
  2. I make my own pathways and forge ahead.


Keep In Mind:

Fear rises up with a mere thought or perception. Remain mentally safe and secure and shut out the fear that may try to filter into your consciousness. The more you work on yourself, the more the surrounding environment will improve.


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