Emotional Healing With Tai Chi – Part V:

Tai chi is a 4000-year-old martial art and works on the integration of body, mind and soul, on the principal that every physical ailment stems from the mind and that a proper balance between mind and body can correct and prevent these issues. In our previous article, we discussed how the lungs store sadness and grief, and how these emotions impact our health. Let us now look at another strong emotion that often takes over our lives…


The Emotion: WORRY

More often than not our lives are ruled by worry… Of things not happening as they should (fear of failure); of things actually happening (fear of success); relationships not being proper or as a consequence of over-protectedness… the list goes on. People who are more prone to being nervous by nature usually tend to worry much more than those who have a calm, laid-back attitude. Small things tend to become instant stressors. As these escalate, they lead to becoming major stress issues later-on in life, manifesting as physical ailments and affecting different organs in our body.


The Organs Affected: SPLEEN, STOMACH and PANCREAS:            

Worry tends to be stored in our spleen. The spleen, as an organ system, is important for transportation and transformation of food essence. When we are bogged down with worry, we start storing it in our spleen. Splenic issues can cause poor appetite, poor digestion, weakness and/or diarrhea. Ideally the cause of worry should be dealt with immediately. But, for various reasons it is not. When issues are not solved in time, situations start piling up. As per Traditional Chinese Medicine, the digestive system consists principally of the spleen, pancreas and stomach. Other organs that may get affected are the lips and mouth. The spleen connects to the earth element in our body.


The Solution – Bring This Into Your Consciousness:

The only way to get rid of worry is to consciously try and weed out or solve the cause(s) of your worries. Whenever you feel that there is a reason to worry, think about the following factors consciously:

  1. What is the real cause of my worry? More than the worry itself, ask yourself what is behind the emotion that is affecting you. Explore the issues that you feel need looking into.
  2. What do I really wish to change?
  3. Every time there is a sense of worry within you rising, tell yourself mentally to ‘Stop’! Literally say it to yourself vocally. Visualize the positive result in your mind.
  4. Focus on being open to positive things in life. Be fair and concentrate on what you need to do rather than worrying about anyone else.
  5. Work on trying to get your issues sorted. Every time a sense of worry comes up, trivialize it before it consumes you – laugh/chuckle at it first and then being realistic, think of working on it.
  6. Be conscious that you do not become the constant worrier and start stressing for the smallest of things.

How Taichi Helps:

  1. Do spleen and stomach strengthening exercises. Once you start working on your splenic system, you will start noticing that you have become a lot calmer. It will take longer for worry to set in. There will be an inner reserve which will filter the worries out of your system before they hit you consciously.
  2. Simple meditation, whereby you let your spleen, pancreas and stomach feel suffused with beautiful golden yellow color whilst inhaling, will help. Release toxins every time you exhale to be purified by the universe. Do this regularly to feel a change in the level of worry that you feel.
  3. Patronize the colour yellow. Wear yellow-coloured clothes more often, use yellow at your work place, in the décor or be around anything with this colour. Incorporate it in your life to bring about a drop in your anxiety levels and to make you more open to things around you.
  4. Be aware that you are taking in everything that is positive and so are able to digest the good and positive around you.



  1. I am strong and can take anything and everything in my stride.
  2. I only imbibe the best and feel fulfilled and happy.


Keep In Mind:

We often have stomach and digestive issues when we are not able to digest things and situations around us. Go to the source and try to ask yourself what you wish to take in and absorb. Your body is not a dustbin to let anything and everything be dumped in it. Instead of saying, “This is too much” or “This makes me sick”, say, “I will only accept what’s good and right for me,” or “My body is precious to me and I choose to bring the best to it.”


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