The Ripple Effect In Occultism

In Occultism, we learn that everything is cosmic-energy. Every single thought is powerful energy which has a far-reaching effect, on not only us and our outside circumstances, but also on others.

Cosmic energy is all around us, flowing in a constantly evolving upward spiral. Hence, all of us are constantly bathed in a sea of positive energies, if only we can let ourselves swim or float with the powerful currents of these energies. The first thing to do is to believe implicitly that the entire cosmos, including zillions of universes is energy. It’s not merely composed of energy, it IS energy; and since we are a tiny, microscopic part of the cosmos, we too are energy.

When we are physically tired or unhappy, mentally depressed, angry or jealous, we are simply out of tune with cosmic-energy and only WE can help ourselves by getting into its flow, swimming in it and submerging ourselves in it. If you do this, you’ll feel yourself as a pulsating, living part of the Universe.

A thought is a creative force which melts with the universal powers, goes to the supreme source of all energy and manifests as a ‘Ripple Effect’. If you unselfishly ask of God, that wish is a part of the creative whole. Therefore, to ask blessings for others is part of the highest form of energy in the Universe i.e. the energy of unconditional love. To ask that people who deliberately hurt you and harm you be blessed, is a breakdown of barriers which separate one from the other. To pray that each and everyone be blessed is to recapture the oneness of all egoes and the oneness with God. That’s why, our mamaijis and bapaijis prayed for ‘Kul Jehan’ (the whole world) and often said, “Khodaiji Baddha NuSaroo Karey; Sukhi Rahey!”

Even Reiki and Pranic healing are merely creative forces in action. We can improve our state of being by always visualizing ourselves as healthy, full of abundance and at total peace with others. This aligns our chakras and helps us reach our life-goals. If you want vibrant good health, you can manifest it for yourself and others by thinking in these terms. What you wish for others, happens to you. If you wish joy, happiness, health and peace for others, that becomes your destiny. If you wish harm, even by one single thought of anger, cursing or jealousy, it will come back to you like a boomerang. This is the ‘Ripple Effect’.

You have to be happy and make others happy to manifest happiness. If you’re always whining, complaining of minor aches and pains, life’s set-backs and tragedies, conflicts in relationships et al, you are sub-consciously making decisions which will manifest such situations and persons in your life. The Ripple Effect of your mental activities affects your life. We ourselves influence our own behaviour plus the behaviour of others through our thoughts. Hence, it’s important to be kind, loving and compassionate to every human being whose life we touch. There’s no more effective way to use our mental energies than by projecting them to others as love, kindness, compassion and harmony.

Remember, everything in the material world had its origin first as thought, from where it took its form. Every building, painting, statue, machine, poem, sculpture, news-paper article, EVERYTHING – had its origin as THOUGHT in someone’s mind before manifesting! Everything exists in the ‘unseen’ before it manifests in the ‘seen’. Ironically, unseen things are the real world of causes while the ‘seen’ (world around us) is the world of effects of those causes! The ‘unseen’ are eternal while the ‘seen’ are transient and changing. This is the premise of the Ripple Effect and this Cosmic Law operates across the Universe.

We live in the vast ocean of thoughts. Our atmosphere is continuously flooded by our own plus other people’s thoughts. The entire human life is cause and effect. There’s no such thing as ‘by chance’ or accidental in Nature. Mental-energies have a ripple-effect, which is why Shakespeare said, “Tis neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so.” Hence, we’ve invited everything that happens to us by our thoughts!

Your mind built your body into what it is today; your mind has built the health you enjoy (or suffer) today; your mind has attracted the people (good or bad) who touch your life and your mind has invited the good and bad circumstances of your life.

If you look for good in all people and all things, you attract good in your life. Have kind thoughts for others and that’s the sort of person you’ll become by growing spiritually. Think badly of others and you’ll shrink spiritually. This is the Ripple Effect in Occultism!

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