THSC’s Volleyball/ Throwball Tourneys

The Tata Housing Sports Club organised a Volleyball and Throwball tournament from 1st to 7th May, 2017. Sponsored by WZO Trusts, over 12 Throwball teams and 15 Volleyball teams participated, with the finale witnessing Chief Guest, Baji Sepoy – MD of Japanese Investment Banking Institution, Nomura Bank – felicitating the winners of Volleyball, ‘DPCSWA’ with […]

CJ Hosts Thrilling 16th All-Parsee Tourneys

The annual 16th All Parsees Floodlit Throw-ball Tournaments for Women and Volleyball Tournaments (Direct as well as Indirect) for Men were organized by Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Colony Recreation Centre’s Sports and Welfare Community, from 29th December, 2016 to 8th January, 2017. 46 teams comprising approximate 300 participants from Salsette Colony, Marzban Colony, Rustom Baug, A H […]

WZO’s Exciting Tournaments

Parsi Times brings you the coverage of the finals of the World Zoroastrian Organisation Throwball And Volleyball Tournament, with our Sports Media – Specialist, Binaisha M. Surti, who also does us proud to have been invited as their Chief Guest! Tata Housing Sports Club hosted the WZO Throwball and Volleyball Tournament 2016 which took place […]