Hush Puppy!

“Arf! Woof! Awhhooo! Rrruff!” It’s 5 am and that wretched dog is at it again! Fuming you wonder what has triggered off the barking frenzy this time. But before you fling your pillow at him, stop and listen. Perhaps he is trying to tell you something. Dogs are social creatures and use barking as a […]

Scholarships For Chenoy School Students By PCCSL

On the occasion of Secunderabad’s Bai Ratanbai J. Chenoy Parsi High School’s Annual Sports Day on 19th January, 2018, the People’s Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. (PCCSL), Hyderabad, provided scholarships worth Rs.72,460/- to deserving students of the school, in addition to a cheque of Rs. 5,000/- towards teachers’ welfare. The cheques were presented to School Secretary, […]

Bengallee Girls’ School Organises Annual Day

The Annual Prize Distribution Function of Bai Bhikhaijee Shapoorjee Bengallee Girls’ High School was held at Sheth Goculdas Tejpal Auditorium on 19th January 2018, with criminal lawyer and theatre personality, Huzan Wadia gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest. Attended by President of Parsee Girls’ School Association (PGSA), Minoo Bilimoria; Honorary Treasurer, Kersi Commissariat; Trustee, […]

From The Editor's Desk

From The Editor’s Desk

Three Cheers! Dear Readers, It’s been a good week for the community – we have three delightful reasons to rejoice! The first, of course being our very own Police Inspector Cyrus Boman Irani bringing great pride onto our community for being awarded the distinguished ‘President’s Police Medal For Meritorious Service’, on the occasion of our […]

Film Review: Padmavaat

History is seldom recorded by the vanquished and, as such, is frequently inaccurate. The film opens to a slew of disclaimers, no doubt prompted by the dictates of the censors to appease the ‘senas’ who had objected to the inaccuracies in the film, which is inspired by the Sufi poet, Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s 1540 epic poem, […]