SPORTS ROUNDUP: 25th November – 1st December 2018

  CRICKET  Ranji Trophy: Parsi Cricketer Arzan Nagwaswalla Shines! 21-year-old Arzan Nagwaswalla, Gujarat’s left-arm pacer created havoc in the Mumbai batting camp as he emerged with great figures at stumps on the Ranji Trophy’s Day-1 at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. This was only Arzan’s third first-class match and he claimed  (5-78) in 23.3 overs…his first five […]

NCPA Presents Túlio Mourão

Pianist and songwriter Túlio Mourão is a highly privileged protagonist in the Brazilian musical scene, having shared his experience for decades with great artists such as Milton Nascimento, Maria Bethânia and Caetano Veloso. With his emotional sensitivity and analytical approach, Tulio has a rich and diverse artistic range that translates into a pianistic performance of […]

Film Review: 2.0

It requires an aged ornithologist, not a scientist – mind you, to address the problems of radiation caused by usage of mobile phones and towers. The ornithologist, appropriately named Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar), theorises it thus – birds prey on worms and insects, the latter consume foliage, and the radiation destroy birds’ eggs. The film opens […]


Reviving Parsi Cricketing Legacy: Arzan Nagwaswalla’s Major Five Wicket Haul In Ranji Trophy 2018-19! Arzan Nagwaswalla, Gujarat’s 21-year-old left-arm pacer, wowed one and all on day one of round four of the 2018-19 Ranji Trophy season, running through Mumbai’s middle-order to pick up his maiden five-wicket haul which resulted in Mumbai getting bowled out for 297! Playing only his […]

સોદાગરની ઓરત રીસાણી! જેમ ગધેડાએ ધાર્યુ હતું તેમ તે વાતચીતની અસર બળદ પર થઈ. પેલા સોદાગરે તે વાત સાંભળી તે ખડખડ હસી પડયો. આમ એકાએક તે હસી પડયો તેથી તેણી બાયડીને ઘણો અચંબો લાગ્યો કે તે શાથી બન્યું હશે તેથી તે પોતાના ધણીને પુછવા લાગી કે પ્યારા ખાવિંદ તમને એકાએક ખડખડ હસવું શાપરથી આવ્યું તે […]