PT Push: Delzin Choksey

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Delzin’s creative picture might me one of your most loved and forwarded social media message this Navroz. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Delzin Choksey moved to the US eight years ago for a degree in Masters in Animation. Having worked with various clients, concentrating primarily on graphic design, Delzin always wanted to concentrate on creating art for young children. Hence, when her daughter was born, Delzin started her own business, ‘Crispy Doodles’, a full service graphic design and illustration studio that creates logo designs, website designs, print ads, t-shirt designs, poster designs, short films, as well as making educative and fun art for young children. PT’s Asst. Editor, Delaveen Tarapore catches up with Delzin who tells us about her venture and how she came about creating the popular ‘Baby Zarathustra’ picture for Navroz, which has gone viral.

PT: Tell us more about Crispy Doodles?

Delzin:  I am the sole proprietor and the creative head for Crispy Doodles, working with clients across the globe. Through Crispy Doodles, I wish to promote a love of reading in young children, by creating books and visuals that are compelling, engaging and enjoyable for both, children and adults, alike. My personal projects can be reached for purchase at

PT: How did you chance upon designing the ‘Baby Zarathustra’ for Navroz?

Delzin: I have a 2-year-old daughter who loves books, asks lots of questions and, who I feel, is ready to learn more about our religion. I wanted to make something for her that she could relate to and enjoy. I drew it out for her and she loved it – that’s when I thought perhaps other Zoroastrian children would too! I made a few extra prints and they were so well received, that I had to print many more. It was a fun experience and it has been very rewarding to hear that children are enjoying it and adults are sharing it on social media platforms, too. There is no greater joy for me than to please a child!

PT: What are your future goals?

Delzin: I am currently working on illustrating a book for children and I intend to continue to make colouring pages and illustrative posters for children. In the near future, I look forward to write and illustrate a book for Zoroastrian children. Juggling my responsibilities at home along with my promising projects is challenging but definitely worth it!

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