PT Push: Burzin Engineer

PT Push endeavours to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and is dedicated to furthering the cause of all in our community who wish to share their efforts with our readers, and look to gain your support for their entrepreneurial ventures. Meet fitness and dance enthusiast, Burzin Engineer, speaking about his career in dance and his successful venture, ‘DanceOut’.



PT: Tell us a little about yourself
Burzin: Born and brought up in Mumbai, I completed my studies from The South Tyneside College, United Kingdom, and then joined the Merchant Navy as a Navigating Officer. Since childhood, I was interested in numerous sports, but more so, I was very passionate about dance. I believe that when you work hard enough to make your passion your profession, life becomes beautiful.

PT: How did you turn your passion for dance into a career?
Burzin: I’ve been dancing since the past nineteen years and professionally teaching and choreographing dance since ten years now. I’ve been a stage artist since the age of eight! I’ve been a lead dancer with Alyque Padamsee’s Legendary Productions as well as Rael Padamsee’s Ace Productions. I have also been the lead dancer for shows such as ‘Grease – The musical’, `Sound of Music’ and `Broadway and Beyond’. Having taught at schools, colleges, wedding sangeets and Parsi colonies for various events, I thought I could pursue dance as a full-time career!

PT: How did ‘Dance-Out’ come about?
Burzin: My passion for dance laid the foundation for ‘DanceOut’. ‘Do what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ this line truly motivated me, and I decided to combine two of my passions – dance and fitness, and turn it into a career. I also realised that people preferred a fun way to stay fit over the gym routine. And so, I established ‘DanceOut’. I aim to see ‘DanceOut’ recognized as India’s first official dance workout.

PT: How does it benefit an individual?
Burzin: ‘DanceOut’ is a dance workout which is a mixture of high-impact aerobics and functional training. The first half of the session involves high impact aerobics that helps you lose body fat and burn calories, while the second half includes functional training that helps you strengthen your core, increase your arm strength and stamina, and tone your body.

PT: What does the future look like?
Burzin: Through my initiative, I want to spread awareness by showing everyone how important an hour of workout is, in our day-to-day life. I truly believe in what my guru, actor Akshay Kumar says, “In a day, if you can’t give one hour of working out to yourself, then you should give up living.”



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