Ava Yazad Nu Parab At Thane’s Patell Agiary Well

The Ava Yazad Nu Parab was celebrated with religious fervor by Thane’s Zarthostis on 24th March, 2019, at the adjoining holy well adjoining. A Jashan was performed at 5:00pm by Er. Kersi Sidhwa and Er. Adil Dastur at the Agiary. This was followed by a Thanksgiving Humbandagi at the holy Agiary well. Humdins gathered around the well to pray in unison with the dasturjis taking the lead. It was heartening to see even youngsters, who are not regular visitors, participating enthusiastically in the Humbandagi prayers. A round of rich fruits and dal-ni-pori was followed by chasni for all, who left feeling blessed by Ava Ardvisur Banu.

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