‘Asha Vahishta’ (Pune) Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Christmas Day in December 2018 indeed brought in tidings of joy and celebrations at Pune’s Dadgah, ‘Asha Vahishta – The Zoroastrian Center’, as it marked the completion of a fruitful year filled with success, blessings and smiles. Over two hundred Zoroastrians attended the 1st Anniversary celebrations at the majestic Dadgah, which is gaining increasingly in […]

Razmi Brothers Shine At Billiards And Snooker Championships

Siblings – 16-year-old Rayaan and 13-year-old Shahyan Razmi – participated at the National Selection Snooker Camp organised in Delhi from August to September, 2018, and secured the 2nd and 3rd All-India Rank, respectively. They were selected to represent India at the ‘World Snooker Championship’ held in St. Petersburg, Russia, from 30th September to 6th October, […]