Ba Humata Presents Global Webinar: ‘Building Trust Without Thrust’

On 2nd January, 2021, the Ba Humata (Good Thoughts) Webinar series presents its 13th global Webinar titled ‘Building Trust Without Thrust’, celebrating the Day of Collective Consciousness in honor of Asho Zarathushtra. The Webinar will feature respected Vada Dasturji Keki Ravji – High Priest of Navsari (India), with speakers – Roshan and Rohinton Rivetna (USA); […]

Covid Warrior Lion Daara Patel Awarded International President Award By Lions Clubs International

Lion Daara B. Patel, Secretary-General – Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (IDMA), was recently awarded the prestigious International President Award by the prominent Lions Clubs International for his comprehensive contributions through the Covid 19 pandemic as well as his efforts towards facilitating valuable support from various Government agencies towards this cause. His efforts included providing food, […]

Energy Medicine

When people think ‘energy medicine’, they recall luxuries of the wellness world – practices including acupressure, chakra balancing, oriental healings, qigong or sound baths – that focus on healing the human ‘energy body’. Western and ancient medicines, like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Persian Traditional Medicine (PTM), Ayurveda and yogic therapies, have revolved around a radically […]