Film Review: Halloween

The perils of viewing a sequel, if one hasn’t watched its predecessors, are quite a few: understanding the story and characters, lack of continuity, etc. In ‘Halloween’, the eleventh in the series, which began in 1978 with (surprisingly) the same title, director and co-writer David Green, ensure that the 10 sequels/remakes are bypassed. Jamie Lee […]

Film Review: Baazaar

‘What goes up must come down’ – director Chawla gives us a lesson in quantum physics while loosely adapting his film on the 1987 Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen starrer, ‘Wall Street’. Rizwan Ahmed (debutant Rohan Mehra) is a small-time share broker from Allahabad who aims big, he sets base in the commercial capital to meet, […]

Film Review: Manto

For those unfamiliar with the subject – Saadat Hasan Manto (1912-1955) was a prolific storywriter who supplemented his earnings by penning film scripts. His writings could be acerbic and vitriolic, but more of that latter. Biographies are generally arduous to navigate, leaving the filmmaker with a tough choice – whom to appease – the paying […]