The Explanation, Application And Impact Of Our Prayers Through Mithra, Manthra And Yasna

“The prayer performed with sincere heart and pure intention serves for us a very powerful weapon against the wicked, and against superstitious and frightful thoughts. True prayer produces in us a sort of heroism and thereby we become powerful to prevent, to a great extent, hardships arisen against us. When all the daevas and drujas […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Meets Over Lunch!

The khanar-pinar, farnaar-harnaar, masti-majha-karnaar Mandli met for lunch at their usual South Mumbai club for lunch. Firdos-Fituri was absent since he had gone to Delhi to open a State Bank of India account after reading the account-opening form. Nergis the nosey-parker: Why Delhi? Mrs. Firdos Fituri: Obviously!! Because the form said. ‘Fill up in capital’. So, he went to Delhi! […]